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Connecting GP Practice Managers

Ireland's Largest GP Practice Management Community

Our free Community Forum, State Contract Guide & Services Directory make it easy for Practice Managers to connect to information, ideas & each other.

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Website for GP Practice - GP Practice Ally Benefits & Features

We believe that every GP practice should have a website and that it can improve the patient experience and the efficiency of the practice.

Our bespoke forms and constantly updated resources are what set us apart from non-specialised website developers, as we know exactly what is needed by GP practices to operate effectively.

GPPA Practice Leadership Summit 2023

Allies combine or unite resources with each other for mutual benefit. This is what we are all about at GP Practice Ally, combining the collective wisdom in the community to navigate change and sharing practical resources that benefit everyone.

The purpose of the GPPA Summit is to highlight the vital role of the practice manager in the future of General Practice in Ireland and to strengthen the bonds of connection within the community.

Check out the videos & photos from our inaugural GPPA Practice Leadership Summit in the Midlands Park Hotel, Portlaoise on Friday 20th & Saturday 21st October.

What Members Say

“I can't say enough about this website, very professional, easy to navigate, informative and very supportive.” Marie Lovell
"GP Practice Ally has become my go to choice when I am stumped with a question and in my opinion, is an unparalleled resource for general practice.” Shauna Kearns

Get Clarity on
GP Practice Management 

GP Practice Ally makes it easy for GP Practice Managers, GPs, GPNs and GP staff to access Practice Management information and share knowledge. All our members have free access to our Community Forum, State Contract Guide & Services Directory, as well as benefiting from regular updates on changes and key issues in Irish General Practice.

With over 1500 members, we are proud to facilitate the connection of colleagues across the country.

Become a member today to have information and peer support at your fingertips,

saving you time and energy.


Receive clear, concise information on changes in General Practice operations.


The latest news, ideas and resources straight to your inbox.


Access up to date information on STC codes, fees, claiming, ordering processes and much more.


Ask questions and contribute to the conversation with colleagues across the country.


For GP Practice Ally to become an everyday GP practice management resource and clear voice that cuts through the noise, contributing to the development of General Practice in Ireland.


A deeply connected community of GP practices, equipped to deliver the highest standards in quality local healthcare in a rapidly changing environment.

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