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Ireland's GP Practice Management
Professional Development Network

Our mission is to enhance the skills & confidence of practice managers to implement improvement in primary care management by providing them with access to information, training & peer support.

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Our vision is a deeply connected community of GP practices, equipped to deliver efficient, quality patient care.

What Members Say

“I can't say enough about this website, very professional, easy to navigate, informative and very supportive.” Marie Lovell
"GP Practice Ally has become my go to choice when I am stumped with a question and in my opinion, is an unparalleled resource for general practice.” Shauna Kearns


Website for GP Practice - GP Practice Ally Benefits & Features

We believe that every GP practice should have a website and that it can improve the patient experience and the efficiency of the practice.

Our bespoke forms and constantly updated resources are what set us apart from non-specialised website developers, as we know exactly what is needed by GP practices to operate effectively.

GPPA Practice Leadership Summit

Allies combine or unite resources with each other for mutual benefit. This is what we are all about at GP Practice Ally, combining the collective wisdom in the community to navigate change and sharing practical resources that benefit everyone.

The purpose of the GPPA Summit is to highlight the vital role of the practice manager in the future of General Practice in Ireland and to strengthen the bonds of connection within the community.


TICKETS ON SALE! The GPPA Practice Leadership Summit 2024 will be held on 13th & 14th September 2024 in the Midlands Park Hotel, Portlaoise. Get your tickets now!

We understand how challenging it is to balance the demands of running a small business in a complex and unpredictable environment with the delivery of high quality healthcare to the local community.


Our practical and engaging GP practice management programme is designed to support you in implementing improvement, and build your confidence in running a modern, well-managed practice capable of adapting to the rapidly changing landscape of General Practice. By the end of this programme you will have a tangible overview of your practice, an actionable plan on how to improve it and the skills necessary to implement that plan.

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