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GPPA Practice Management Programme

 We understand how challenging it is to balance the demands of running a small business in a complex and unpredictable environment with the delivery of high quality healthcare to the local community.


Our practical and engaging practice management programme is designed to support you in implementing positive change, and build your confidence in running a modern, well-managed practice capable of adapting to the rapidly changing landscape of General Practice. By the end of this programme you will have a tangible overview of your practice, an actionable plan on how to improve it and the skills necessary to implement that plan.


This comprehensive programme will support your practice in becoming more profitable, more productive and more competitive. ‘To be competitive’ may not seem like a top priority in the world of General Practice, however we believe being competitive refers to the ability to adapt and respond effectively to change; continuously improving patient care and ensuring the long term viability of the practice. By optimising your practice performance in the right areas you can take the many changes in your stride, ensuring that patient care comes first without having a detrimental effect on long term profitability. This is how you create value – for your patients, your staff and the business itself.


The programme will be delivered by experienced practice managers and engaging industry experts, through a range of interactive workshops and group discussions. We believe in collaborative experiential learning, meaning you learn most by doing and sharing your experiences with others.


Programme Overview

The programme will cover the following core areas of practice management:

  • Practice Management Role & Managing Change

  • Optimising State Contracts

  • Financial Management

  • Understanding Leadership

  • Operations Management & Process Improvement

  • HR Compliance & Team Management

  • Health & Safety Compliance & HIQA Standards

  • Communication & Patient Engagement

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this programme you will:

  • Have a comprehensive understanding of the GP practice management role and how to achieve balance in the management function.

  • Know where you need to make changes to improve your practice and how to implement sustainable change.

  • Be aware of the key legislation that affects small healthcare businesses and how to be compliant.

  • Develop skills necessary to effectively lead a team of healthcare professionals and manage a complex healthcare business.

  • Feel equipped with practical tools and support to build trust in your judgement, skills, and capacity to impact meaningful change in your practice.

  • Have built an encouraging network of peers to support your future development.


We believe in the value of assessing your understanding of a subject and providing feedback on your work, otherwise it can be difficult for you to confirm if you have absorbed the information correctly. For this reason, a number of the more technical modules will be assessed with straight forward MCQs to test your knowledge, while others will require submission of a completed template, e.g. a risk assessment. By the end of the programme you will have a completed library of resources to show for your efforts! The key to embedding learning is to reflect and integrate new ideas with existing knowledge, so we also believe it will be beneficial to submit a number of reflections on your progress throughout the programme.


This programme requires a minimum of 20 hours independent learning (outside the programme dates) for reading of materials and assignments. Please ensure that you can dedicate enough time to get the most out of the programme.


Programme Duration & Dates*:

The programme will be delivered across 10 full day in-person training sessions (approx. 9am-5pm) over a number of months. We believe strongly in the power of connection and the benefits of learning from others, so we have chosen to do the majority of the training in-person so you can build a tightly knit peer support network for the future.


All sessions will be held in the Midlands Park Hotel in Portlaoise, in 5 two-day blocks. (Rooms are available in the hotel if overnight stays are desired, details to book will be provided separately.)

Attendance at the first and final sessions is strictly required.

*Programme duration and number of days is currently under review for the next programme, so the above is subject to change. 


Programme Fee*:

GPPA Members: €2,495

GPPA Premium Members: €2,245 (10% Discount)

A 4-month instalment plan is available.

If you are not already a Premium member, you just need to subscribe before you sign up to the programme to avail of the 10% discount. €250 off - that's the equivalent of more than 6 months of Premium access for free!


  • Pricing for the next programme is under review, the above pricing was a special rate for the first programme.

  • There is no VAT on training services.


Who is the programme suitable for?

The programme is for all Practice Managers actively working in a GMS GP practice in Ireland, both experienced or new to the role. We believe the less you think you have it all figured out, the more you can learn! 


Consideration will be given to GPs who do not have a practice manager and fulfil the practice management role themselves, but acceptance is not guaranteed.


How do I apply?

The March-May 2024 programme is now full, however if you wish to join the waiting list for the next programme, please contact and we'll contact you when we release the dates.

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