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Read some member testimonials below:


“I have been using GP Practice Ally for the past six months and wonder now how I survived without it. It’s like having a colleague beside me to bounce ideas off, ask questions and get valuable feedback. The site is well designed and easy to navigate and invaluable when looking for up to date information regarding anything related to GMS. I have not signed up for Premium Membership but hope to do so in the near future as I think this will provide me with valuable resources that will make my job easier”. Mary Tynan


“Being new to the world of medical administration, GP Practice Ally has been a wonderful resource for me. I have attended many of the webinars and found them to be practical and very informative, with fantastic follow up support. I have turned to GP Practice Ally forum for advice and recommendations on varying different topics and have always come away more informed. GP Practice Ally has become my go to choice when I am stumped with a question and in my opinion, is an unparalleled resource for general practice.” Shauna Kearns

"I can't say enough about this website, very professional, easy to navigate, informative and very supportive." Marie Lovell


"Finally we have a Practice Management site that provides extremely helpful and concise information in relation to all aspects of Management from State/GMS Contracts, Financial Planning, HR and Health and Safety." Siobhan O’Neill


"I really like the Forum and monthly Webinars. It helps to stay on top of things, especially when things are changing frequently in GP world." Monika Bauman-Williams



- What benefits have you experienced since joining GP Practice Ally?


"Being able to stay connected to other GP Practices and Practice Managers. General Practice is a changing every day and it is great to have contact with like-minded individuals." Maria Finnegan


"It refocuses our minds on the important things about running our business. The forum is very useful to tap the knowledge of practice managers around the country. The webinar on CDM is worth the premium membership on its own." Shay Conroy


"I personally find the webinars very beneficial. Particularly in relation to the implementation and setup advice on new HSE Programs such as CDM. I have used the webinar information for our own in-house training and can already see a marked improvement in our submission rate for CDM, OCF and PP programs. Also I was unaware of the immunisation grant available for the purchase of the immunisation fridge which I has subsequently claimed and received. This small grant alone was well worth the membership subscription fee." Siobhan O’Neill



- Why did you subscribe to Premium membership?


"This service was badly needed to allow managers to come together to share ideas and up to date resources and information from IMO, PCRS, HSE etc." Deirdre Bannon


"We can all recreate a wheel and put together all of this information ourselves. However we most likely do not have the time or the inclination. So use what is there already which is put together by someone who understands our business and grew up with it." Shay Conroy


"There is such a wide area of practice management to cover, from the ever-changing State Contracts, GMS contracts, HR, Health and Safety and Financial Management." Marie Lovell



- What is your favourite Premium resource?


"The webinars are extremely beneficial." Siobhan O’Neill


"The CDM webinar is superb and the more recent ones are extremely relevant also." Shay Conroy


"Where do I start. I think the webinar released in February on CDM's, OCF and PP's, this gave a huge understanding not just for me but to all our staff on how to implement this into our everyday running of the practice." Marie Lovell



- Why would you recommend Premium membership to another practice?


"It is an invaluable source of information for GP Practice Managers." Deirdre Bannon


"I would highly recommend any practice big or small to take up premium membership, it will make a huge difference to the running of a practice. It is definitely worth every cent." Marie Lovell


"So much information available for keeping up-to-date. All available at the touch of a button and on the one site from GP Contracts, HR, Health & Safety, Finance, Business Strategy." Maria Finnegan


"I would highly recommend the premium membership for the knowledge you/staff will gain from the excellent presentations and without doubt you will reap the benefits by increasing your knowledge of all aspects of modern day Practice Management." Siobhan O’Neill



- Any other comments:


"GP Practice Ally is a one stop shop for all Practice Management." Siobhan O’Neill


"It feels like we needed GP Practice Ally long time ago. It's great to finally connect with other practices and help each other whatever way we can." Monika Bauman-Williams


"I am looking forward to this website expanding with more courses, webinars and the ability to ask questions and get answers in real-time from a previously untapped source of information." Deirdre Bannon


"Register and check out the CDM video today. As somebody said last week on another forum, you will pay for your membership in double quick time if you only use that." Shay Conroy


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