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Exclusive Premium Member Discounts

If you are already a Premium Member, find our how to access the discounts here.

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The MedVault platform delivers a range of tools specifically designed for GP practice managers and staff to help increase practice income, reduce admin time and improve patient care.


Premium members can avail of:

  • 15% off GP Tools for new customers in Year 1 

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With surgeries having a heavy dependence on accurately maintained medical devices to support the patient experience, Promed want to be your partner of choice in Service & compliance.

Premium members can avail of:

  • Service - €50 (ex. VAT) off full and half day Services.  T&C's apply (New Customers only, excludes all other discounts)

  • C.D.M equipment - €100 (ex. VAT) off Customed ABPMs, ECGs, Spirometer & Holter equipment. T&C's apply (Excludes all other discounts)

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BrightPay is the newest payroll software product from Thesaurus and the focus of their future development.

Premium members can avail of:

  • 15% off Bright Pay payroll software for new customers in Year 1 

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Thesaurus Payroll Manager is the payroll software market leader in Ireland.

Premium members can avail of:

  • 15% off Thesaurus payroll software for new customers in Year 1 

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Bright Contracts is a software package that has everything you need to create and manage a professional staff handbook and contracts of employment.

Premium members can avail of:

  • 15% off Bright Contracts software for new customers in Year 1 

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With over 30 years experience, Jones Business Systems I.T. department provide a full suite of managed services to a wide and diverse range of clients nationwide.

Premium Members can avail of:

  • Free Security Survey - Using our best in class reporting tools we will provide you with a comprehensive report on your network and any issues that may cause concern.

  • 30% discount on disaster recover or on-line backup in your first year. With both our cloud backup and our disaster recovery system we retain up to 12 months of your data for recovery. With our Disaster recovery your backup will become your server in the event of a crash letting you get back up and running in minutes if required.

  • 30% Discount on installation costs of new phone systems. With our cloud-based phone system you always have an outgoing phone line and all your calls to land lines and mobiles are included. When staff work from home their laptop can become the office phone or they can simply plug their office phone in at home and carry on as normal.

  • Next Generation Security monitoring. 50% discount for 6 months. Our system can detect actions before the malware has time to act at all but can also roll back a pc or server to a time before a crypto event getting you back up and running within hours not days of an attack. With the premium edition you will have a security team that will intervene 24/7 to fix a problem when its happening.

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BrightHR is complete HR software that lets you approve staff holidays on the go, log sickness with ease, and plan staff rotas in seconds. Get expert HR and health & safety software and support with BrightHR. 

Premium members can avail of:

  • 15% off BrightHR for new customers in Year 1 

View more information here.

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The original on-screen panic button software designed to keep staff safe. Reassurance that a helping hand is just a click away.

Premium members can avail of:

  • 15% off for new customers for the lifetime of their subscription with Little Green Button​

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GPServ (from MedServ) has recognised the outdated and tedious process of billing for STC's. Our service will not only streamline this process to 30 seconds but also give you peace of mind that you are getting paid for what you submit. 

Premium members can avail of:

  • 10% off fees for all claims processed through GPServ for new customers in Year 1.

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