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New Tools To Help Practice Managers Get On Top Of Chronic Disease Programs

As a user of MedVault software, I'm delighted to see they have expanded their tools to help practice managers with the complex chronic disease management (CDM) program. Their new tools help practice managers in 3 key areas:

  1. Patient Identification - Ensuring all patients that can be registered are registered. MedVault automatically checks your system daily for potentially eligible chronic disease patients and generates a concise list. MedVault identifies even those patients that are not coded using its custom patient identification system. On average they say they identify an additional 100 patient registrations which can add up to €20-30k in income per year.

  2. Patient Recall & Scheduling - Once you have all your patients registered ensuring they all get their two visits per year and labs completed can be difficult. The MedVault recall solution helps track what patients are overdue for their next visit and who has completed the required labs. This makes it much easier and time-efficient to manage the ongoing scheduling of these patients.

  3. Chronic Disease Program Claim & Performance Tracking - MedVault delivers simple dashboards and KPIs (key performance indicators) to enable the practice manager to see at a glance how the program is performing and how many claims have been paid. I find it great as an early warning system to identify any problems with the CDM program and ensure they are resolved as soon as possible.

The MedVault CDM tools are bundled with other useful MedVault tools in a monthly subscription offering great value for money at between €50-100 per month depending on the size of the practice. Given that MedVault finds on average 100 additional chronic disease patients which can add €20-30k in additional income for the practice (they also help identify unclaimed work) this offers a fantastic return on money/investment.

They are currently offering a free trial for 30 days which allows uses to easily test the tools, risk-free. You can find the free trial sign up on their page here -

Let us know in the comments below if you've already used these tools, or if you have any questions on MedVault or CDM generally.

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